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                Shanghai Koyo-Anp Import & Export Co., Ltd was set up in 2002, having professional team working in international 
                business line for more than 20 years, for the predecessor of the company is an old importing and exporting company set up in 
                General Business field
                The company has experience in supplying and exporting many kinds of products worldwide to about 89 countries, with 
                professional team of Senior International Commercial Business Specialists and Quality Inspectors.
                Cooperation with United Nations
                The Company Actively participated in many tenders from different UN agencies in different fields, having effected wide range of product contracts awarded from different UN agencies. It also established various Long Term Agreements with UN agencies. 
                Products we have supplied to UN


                 Water Pump


                 Office Stationary


                 Agriculture machines

                 Hygiene Kits 

                 Mountain Bikes 

                 Electrical Accessories 

                 Sewing Machine


                 PVC Tubes

                 IT Accessories

                 Drinking Bottles & Jerry Cans

                 Protective Gears

                 Lead Acid Dry Batteries;

                 Promotional Materials;

                 Freestanding Type Split Air Conditioners;


                 Electrical Distribution Panel

                 Electrical Accessories 

                 Presently Cooperating UN Agencies
                Our Strength
                • Whatever you need, we can always choose the suitable one and compliance one from anywhere in China. 
                • Ability to respond quickly to UN Agency’s needs.
                • Fast delivery, ultra efficiency of managing goods from different places.
                • All products procured from qualify manufacturers with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 to ensure high standard quality control.
                • Flexibility in operating different kinds of products.
                Quality and environment control
                Since all items are regular, common and mature products from our manufacturer, products quality can be fully guaranteed. All
                products comply with international standard as ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.
                Shanghai Koyo-Anp implements strict environmental management upon business 
                by making a serious of comprehensive measures which cover environment, health,safety and etc.



                Online Service

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